Staffing and Consulting for Wireless Operators and OEMs

The primary challenge faced by any company to implement its vision is to find the right talent. It can be a time consuming, challenging, and downright frustrating experience. Even after you have located, screened, interviewed, and assessed a candidate, an uncertainty still looms over how well they will actually integrate into your organization, and how effective they will be at performing the required duties.

A trusted partner, KNIME Technology can help alleviate the frustration and minimize the uncertainty associated with talent acquisition in your organization. We offer multitude of services such as contract, contract to hire, and full-time hire resource placement services focused exclusively on the telecommunications sector.


KNIME follows a multi-stage approach for identifying ideal candidates which includes interviews by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the relevant field of hire, a technical assessment where applicable, and an evaluation of interpersonal traits such as communication, problem solving, and attitude, among other criteria. With a large pool of known and proven talent, when you receive a candidate for evaluation from KNIME, you can be rest assured that they are qualified and possess the necessary skills to execute the job.

Our portfolio includes

  • Business and Operations counseling
  • Innovation Trials
  • Organization Integration Strategy and Execution Support
  • Organization Upgrades, Audits and Reconfigurations
  • Organization and Service Assurance
  • Level 1 and 2 help
  • Far off Operations uphold
  • Innovation and Platform Training
  • Programe Management
  • Cutting edge networks appointing and mix
  • Coordination of complex OBS arrangements
  • New Product/Feature Implementation
  • Handset Testing
  • customized Automation Development